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"I love my Infinite Dress. This is my third dress since 1977. My first was royal blue, then the black Infinite, which I still have and use since 1990, and now I have it in red. This is all the dress I need to take on my travels. There is no other dress better than the Infinite Dress. I LOVE IT! I love to wear my black dress as a classic and my red dress for Christmas, Valentine's and whenever I want to look dramatic any time of the year."

--Diana Ivelisse Parras, Puerto Rico

"This dress really fits me well; it has a dramatic slimming effect."

--Diane Golovaty, Florida


"I love it. Thanks!"

--Allyson Winter, Florida


"I'm so excited with the Infinite dress and how versatile it has turned out. This picture was taken the day before my son was born and the other a year later in the exact same dress. What a great idea!"

--Vickie Colón, Florida

"Maternity clothes are used for such a short time, and this dress is always in style."

--Billy Colón, Florida

"Your service has been quick and pleasing and I am sure
to recommend your products to others."

--Stephanie Van Dijk, Australia

"I was surprised that it was so versatile and sexy and confortable and fun to wear all at the same time."

--Suzanna Mullenneaux, Iowa
"As a photographer, I was struck by how much thinner and more graceful she looked in the dress. After seeing it on Zanna, I could imagine someone buying your Infinite Dress for the senior prom and continuing to look sensational in it decade after decade. It has the ability to lend grace to all shapes and sizes of the female figure."

--Linn Mullenneaux, Photographer, Iowa


"Lydia, the dress arrived yesterday morning, I gave it to my wife last night after a nice birthday dinner, and we had a really fun fashion show. I don't know who was happier. You are a genius to design something like that. Thanks for all your help. I am a very satisfied customer."

--Dean Potter


"Brilliant! I take it with me everytime I travel!"

--Prabha, London, England, UK

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