What is the length of the dress?

The Infinite Dress has no fixed length per se. You have the final say in its length and how you want to wear it. You may want to wear one style long, and another style shorter. How can that be, you may ask? We can explain.

The Infinite Dress is cut in standard lengths based on the size of the dress. The cut lengths are as follows: Small 30 to 32 inches (77 to 79 centimeters); Medium 33 to 34 inches (85 to 87 centimeters); Large 36 to 38 inches (92 to 95 centimeters); X-Large 40 to 44 inches (102 to 112 centimeters).

However, the cut length does not determine how long you may actually wear the dress. The style you choose is what determines the length. This is because the dress has no set waist and no set point to define a specific length. The length you wear the dress is totally up to you.

The variance in dress length is possible because of the dress' only seam. This seam can go under the arm, in the front or in the back. When worn under the arm the length is measured from the length under the arm to the legs.

When the seam is at the front of the dress, your choices may be to pull to the neck line, or to the collarbone, or down under the bust area. When the seam is at the back, the dress is shorter than when the seam is at the front simply because you want to cover the bust. However, should you want to take the round size to the waist and cover the bust with the tails, you achieve a longer length.

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