Which color should I order?

Black is the world's favorite, red the second most popular.  Because you are going to enjoy this dress for many years to come, choosing black will be most practical and economical. Black is right for all occasions. It's appropriate for the Opera, office or restaurant. The Infinite Dress in black is the classic dress to take everywhere you want to travel.

Customers that have experienced and enjoyed the Infinite in black often add to their collection by ordering a red Infinite. This provides even more options. For special requests, we can make dresses in other colors as well, e.g., for weddings.

A bride recently ordered six Infinite Dresses to be made in her favorite color.  The bridesmaids were very happy with the choice of the Infinite Dress.  The dress fit beautifully and, after the ceremony, the bridesmaids changed into their own individual styles. The party was a great success!

Special orders are always welcome.

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